Iran’s Vice President: Syria and Iraq should be internationally supported being the frontline of confronting terrorism

Baghdad, SANA – Iran’s first Vice-President Isaac Jahangiri said the international community should support the people of Syria and Iraq in combating the terrorist organizations.

Syria and Iraq are on the front line of confrontation against terrorism which has come to target everyone, Jahangiri added in a statement issued by the Iraqi Presidency on Wednesday after talks were held between the Iranian Vice-President and Iraqi President Fouad Massoum in Baghdad.

Jahangiri stressed during his meeting with Massoum that Iran sees the terror danger posed by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization as a threat to the whole region and the world.

Confronting the terrorist organizations must not be limited to the military means, rather it should include fighting the ideology of terrorism and drying up the sources of the human and financial funding of those organizations, Jahangiri said, according to the statement.

Rasha Milhem/Haifa Said

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