Algerian ambassador in Damascus: Syrian –Algerian relations are deep-rooted in history

Damascus, SANA-The Algerian Ambassador in Damascus, Lahsan Tuhami said that the deep-rooted Algerian-Syrian fraternal relations have strengthened through the heroic, intellectual and humanitarian achievements of Prince Abdel Qader al-Jazaery during his stay in Damascus and the stances of the Syrian people and their leadership in support of the liberation revolution in Algeria.

Tuhami ‘s remarks came in statement to SANA marking the 68th anniversary of the Algerian revolution or the Algerian War of Independence.

Tuhami stressed his country’s stance on the crisis in Syria, which has been characterized by stability and clarity.

“Algeria called for finding a political solution through national dialogue between Syrians that serves their interests and preserves Syria’s sovereignty, and territorial integrity,” he said.

The Ambassador noted that Algeria will continue to support the Arab causes, foremost of which the Palestinian people cause, along with tireless work to find political solutions to the crises in the region.

The Ambassador highlighted his country’s adherence to the general principles of its foreign policy based on the principle of respect for the independence and sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.

He explained the world today needs the values and approaches of non-aligned countries and dialogue, as the best method for resolving problems and protecting the international community from the destructive effects of crises.

Tuhami said that Algeria’s candidacy as a non-permanent membership in the Security Council of the United Nations for the 2024-2025, which is recommended by the African Union, the Arab League and The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will enable it to join the rest of the members of the Council together in an effort to make the UN efforts more effective to prevent conflicts and solve them by political means.

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