Syrian displaced citizens coming from refugee camps in Lebanon arrives al-Dabousiyah border-crossing

Homs, SANA- SANA reporter said that a batch of Syrians displaced citizens arrived al-Dabousiyah border- crossing point coming from refugee camps in Lebanon to return to their safe and liberated areas.

Dozens of displaced families living in refugee camps in Lebanon, through al-Dabbousiya crossings point, Homs countryside and al-Zamrani, Damascus countryside, returned to their villages and towns that the Syrian Arab Army liberated from terrorism, as part of the efforts made by the Syrian state to return the displaced to their homeland.

The concerned authorities in Homs and Damascus countryside governorate have taken all measures to receive the returnees to the homeland, in cooperation with the directorates of health, civil affairs and immigration.

Health teams at al-Dabbousiya and al-Zamrani provided the necessary services for the returnees and vaccinations for children, and secured their arrival to their areas.

“facilities were provided to returning Syrian citizens who were forcibly displaced from their homes and towns by armed terrorist gangs, through simplified procedures, health services, and their access to their towns and homes safety”, Fadi Issa, director of the Dabousiyah border center, told SANA reporter.

For his part, Dr. Musallam Atassi, Director of Homs Health directorate, referred to “health measures taken by the health and medical staff in the Directorate to receive the displaced people returning to Syria by an active   team provided with an ambulance car and a mobile clinic that includes an integrated medical team, in addition to the vaccination team to give them the anti-Coronavirus vaccine and a vaccine against polio for children under five years old.


Manar Salameh / Bushra Dabin /Amer Dawa

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