Kiev will never be able to destabilize situation in Crimea, Crimean PM

Simferopol, SANA- Ukraine will never be able to destabilize the situation in Crimea, despite any provocation it may stage, Crimea’s Prime Minister Yury Gotsanyuk said on Monday.

“The Kiev regime is seeking to destabilize the situation on the peninsula but our law enforcement agencies are doing their utmost to ensure security in the republic,” he said in an interview with the Millet Crimean-Tatar television channel.

According to Gotsanyuk, the sky over Crimea is protected by air defense systems and waters around it are guarded by the Black Sea Fleet.

Air defense systems were activated over Crimea several times during the summer. On August 9, several air bombs detonated on the territory of an airfield in Saki near Novofedorovka. Aircraft were intact, but more than 60 apartment blocks were damaged. One person was killed and 14 more were hurt.

Source Tass

Manar Salameh/ Shaza Qreima

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