Damascus: Israeli recurrent attacks on targets in Syria mount to war crimes

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatiates Ministry stressed that the  Israeli repeated acts of aggression, especially on the civilian facilities amount to a war crime, underscoring that the Israeli authorities in this serious escalation pose threat to the peace and security in the region.

The Ministry said in a tweet on its account “The repeated Israeli attacks, particularly the systematic and deliberate targeting of the civilian targets in Syria, the latest of which was targeting Aleppo International Airport yesterday, amount to a crime of aggression and a war crime in accordance with the international law, and Israel must be held accountable for it”.

“The Israeli occupation is once again threatening the peace and security in the region, endangering and intimidating civilians, along with threatening the safety of civil aviation in Syria and the region “the Ministry added.

“Syria will exercise its legitimate right to defend its land and people by all means and to ensure the Israeli occupation authorities’ accountability for their crimes “Foreign Ministry emphasized.

Bushra / Fedaa / Baraa


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