Mrs. Asma al-Assad honors the excelled students in the secondary certificate with all its branches

Damascus, SANA- Mrs. Asma al-Assad considered that holding a ceremony to honor the excelled students in high school is a message to the community to devote excellence as a noble value that requires concerted efforts, collaboration and cooperation.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad ‘s speech came during an honoring ceremony held by the Presidency of the Republic at the People’s Palace for the excellent students in the secondary certificate in its scientific, literary and technical branches for the year 2022.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad stressed that diversity in specializations increases the importance of superiority achieved by students under the conditions of war and the blockade because of the country’s need at this time for every mind that thinks, every hand that works, and every heart that beats with love, stressing that the importance of excellence comes from passion and a sense of responsibility.

She referred to the university study stage as a new and important stage in the students’ lives. The university, in addition to being a cultural and scientific edifice, is a national arena that brings together all the spectrum of Syrian society in one place and gives them a unique opportunity to know the homeland in all its aspects and to form knowledge that will be the basis for starting from it. In their analysis of the causes of the problems they may face and thus find appropriate solutions.

Mrs. Asma stressed the high importance and value of the excellence achieved by students during the war against terrorism, distinguishing between excelling under normal conditions and achieving excellence in light of the blockade and the living suffering that Syria has gone through, which gives the students’ excellence today an exceptional meaning whose measure exceeds the mark they obtained and the hours they studied into will, hardness and persistence that distinguish them from others.

Ms. Asma also said that the success and excellence achieved by the students is a harvest of their hard work and for everyone who contributed to it, foremost among them are the parents who raised, tired and cultivated correct concepts and noble values with their children, followed by the teaching staff, whom she described as soldiers who spend their lives silently and patiently in the battle of science and knowledge to offer children the best of what is possible for the future of our country.

“You are the excellent students in Syria , each of you has a success story and a story of challenge, full of lesson, together with your parents and teachers, you are part of the story of a homeland that will remain stronger and will return better through our belief that the future is for science, excellence, work and production” Ms. Asma concluded.

44 students were honored by Mrs. Asma al-Assad and awarded medals bearing the name of Syria, in the presence of the Minister of Education, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Head of the National Union of Syrian Students, along with the families of the excellent students.

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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