Russian Defense : Kyiv forces deploy their weapons in kindergartens

Moscow,SANA- Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Kyiv forces deploy their command centers, armored vehicles and artillery in kindergartens in various regions that are still under their control.

In the city of Nikolaev in kindergarten No. 103 on Okyanovskaya Street, the Ukrainian forces set up a command post and deployed artillery and ammunition depots without evacuating civilians from nearby buildings to make them human shields,” TASS news agency quoted Head of the Russian National Center for Defense Affairs Administration Lieutenant-General Mikhail Mizintsev as saying.

He added that in two kindergartens in the city of Kramatorsk, Ukrainian units deployed artillery and rocket launchers.

Mezintsev noted that the Ukrainian Nazis mined bridges in the Dnipropetrovsk district in southeastern Ukraine to blow them up, and accuse Russian forces of bombing infrastructure.

He reiterated that the Russian forces and military formations affiliated with the Donbas Republic do not target civilian infrastructure or civilians, but rather work to protect the population and buildings.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah /Mazen Eyon

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