Syria is not facing a new surge of COVID-19

Damascus, SANA- Syria says that it is not facing a new wave of Coronavirus as the bed occupancy rate in the hospitals is within minimum limits in all Syrian provinces and there are no admissions to the intensive care unit as all the cases do not require superior medical care.

Director of the Communicable and Chronic Diseases at the Health Ministry Dr. Zuhair al-Sahwa told SANA in a statement that the number of the confirmed Coronavirus infections has increase over the last week compared to the decrease of the number of the infections since last April.

Dr. al-Sahwa added that the increase in the number of the infection doesn’t mean necessarily the start of a new wave, noting that most of the recorded cases show no symptom or weak symptom, particularly for those were vaccinated.

He reiterated the importance of the coronavirus vaccines in protecting the people and the societies and to mitigate disease severity in case of the infection.

Dr. al-Sahwa recommended to commit to the preemptive measures through applying the place distance and using the mask to limit the spread of the virus and reduce its symptom.

The Health Ministry announced Yesterday that 52 new coronavirus cases were recorded in the country, as 37 infections in Damascus.

Hala Zain

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