3 civilians killed, others injured in fresh spate of rocket attacks in Damascus, Aleppo

Damascus, SANA -A mother and her two daughters were killed and four other civilians were injured on Sunday due to a terrorist attack with rocket shells in Sa’sa town in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorists fired three shells which landed in Sa’sa town, causing the death of Lina al-Joujo, 30 years old, and her two daughters: Ranim, 4, and Tasnim,7.

Four civilians were also injured in the attack and huge material damage was reported.

Meanwhile, terrorist attacks were carried out in Moadamiet al-Sham, Harasta suburb and Daff al-Shouk in Damascus Countryside, causing material damage but no human casualties.

According to the Police Command, terrorists detonated an explosive device which they had earlier attached to a car in the eastern neighborhood of Moadamiet al-Sham town, causing material damage only.

In the residential Harasta suburb, four mortar shells fired by terrorists landed in separate areas, damaging a number of houses, shops and cars.

Another mortar shell fell in al-Sharbaji quarter in Daff al-Shouk neighborhood in Babbila area, causing material damage to the citizens’ properties.


Three civilians, including a child, were injured on Sunday in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell that targeted al-Tadamoun residential neighborhood in Damascus city.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fired by terrorists landed on Nisreen Street in the neighborhood, with a 13-year-old child and two citizens sustaining wounds of varying severity.

The source added that the attack also caused material damage to a number of shops and cars.

Al-Tadamoun neighborhood is located to the southwest of the terrorist-besieged Yarmouk Camp neighborhood where takfiri terrorist organizations use the residents as human shields and attack the surrounding neighborhoods with mortar shells.


Meanwhile in Aleppo, three civilians were injured due to terrorist attacks with rocket shells on al-Zahraa and al-A’zamia neighborhoods in the city.

A source at the Police Command said that one shell landed in al-Zahraa neighborhood, causing the injury of three civilians and material damage to several houses in the area.

The source added that another shell fell in al-A’zamia neighborhood, causing material damage to nearby shops and cars.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Manar/al-Frieh/Haifa Said

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