Health Minister tours al-Dweir makeshift center for displaced families

Damascus Countryside, (SANA)  Minister of Health Saad al-Nayef checked on the displaced families and the general health situation at al-Dweir makeshift residential center in Damascus Countryside.

The center, located in Adra area which  was home to a notorious massacre against civilians committed by Jabhat al-Nusra-affiliated terrorist groups late last December, has received great attention by the government, along with all other makeshift shelters around the country.

President Bashar al-Assad visited al-Dweir makeshift center  last March, toured places where the displaced families are staying and listened to their needs and conditions of their residence.
The President then stressed that the state will continue providing basic requirements of the displaced families until everybody returns home whether those in Adra or in any other place.

On his tour, Minister al-Nayef, accompanied by Resident Representative of the World Health Organization in Syria Elizabeth Huff, said work at the medical center in the shelter is running well, assuring that there is no shortfall in medicines. 
For his part, Governor of Damascus Countryside Hussein Makhlouf stressed that all the residents at al-Dweir center are provided with all their needs of furniture, food baskets and health and education services. 


Huff, in turn, said the WHO is going on with its support to the Health Ministry so as to secure all health services, highlighting the need to get rid of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria that have taken a toll on its health sector.


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