Completing rehabilitation of agricultural lands damaged by the Israeli aggression on Tartous

Tartous, SANA- Teams of the Directorate of Water Resources, in cooperation with the locals in Hamidiya area, have completed the maintenance and repair work of the damages caused by the Israeli aggression that targeted the area at the beginning of this month and resulted in significant material damages to the irrigation and electricity networks and to the agricultural properties of the citizens.

“Vehicles of the Directorate and the technical cadres working in it have rehabilitated the agricultural lands which had been affected by the aggression, as they removed the rubble, leveled the lands, and filled the potholes to help the people return to cultivate their lands again,” Head of Water Resources Directorate, Engineer Muhammad Mihrez, said in a statement to SANA reporter.

Engineer Karim al-Mou’ai from the Maintenance Department of the Water Resources Directorate said that the repair and maintenance of the damaged line in Tel Kazal, which irrigates fifty hectares of agricultural lands, has been completed, pointing out that today, water will be passed to irrigate the lands damaged due to the aggression.

Citizen Hassan Soubh, a resident of Ain al-Zarqa village, whose house was seriously damaged, indicated that the water resources vehicles removed the rubble in front of his house and filled the pothole next to it, which was twenty meters deep and 100 square meters in diameter, in addition to repairing irrigation canals next to his land, which was also destroyed by the aggression.

Farmer Ali Mohammad Rahmoun Sahi, owner of a number of greenhouses that he cultivates in the area which had been damaged by the aggression, said that the Water Resources Directorate helped him to re-level the land and that he himself began to work to reinvest and cultivate his land as it used to be before the aggression.

It is noteworthy that an Israeli act of aggression had targeted Hamidiya area south of Tartous on July 2nd, and resulted in significant material damage to the irrigation and electricity networks, as well as to the agricultural and private properties of citizens, in addition to the injury of two citizens.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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