Syria, Russia sign two judicial cooperation agreements on extradition of criminals

Damascus, SANA-Syria takes part in the 10th International Law Forum that being held in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg with the participation of more than 90 countries.

Justice Minister, Ahmad al-Sayyed, head of the Syrian delegation to the forum, affirmed Syria’s commitment to the rules of international law, elaborating that Syria, despite facing terrorism, has worked to implement the law, and keep pace with electronic developments in the field of justice to reach a fair, swift and available judicial service for all.

The Minister added that the amnesty decree recently issued by President Bashar al-Assad has excluded foreign terrorists, in order not to re-export terrorism and preserve global peace and security.

Later, al-Sayyed and his Russian counterpart, Konstantin Chuychenko signed two judicial agreements on the sidelines of the forum about the extradition of criminals and assistance in penal cases.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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