President al-Assad in interview with RT: Russia’s power today constitutes a restoration of an international equilibrium… Syria would resist any Turkish invasion of its lands

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad said that Russia is facing a war that cannot be linked to the issue of NATO expansion, but rather it is an ongoing war that did not stop even before communism or before World War I, affirming that Russia plays an important role to ensure an international equilibrium exists.

President al-Assad’s remarks came in an interview with RT Channel that will be broadcast in full at eight o’clock this evening.

“So, we can view Russia from two perspectives.  The first is that of an ally; if our ally triumphs in the battle, or if their political position is strengthened on the international arena, then this is a win for us as well.  From a second perspective, Russia’s power today constitutes a restoration – albeit partial, of an international equilibrium.  This rebalance that we are witnessing, will impact smaller countries, including Syria.  This is my strategic view – the bottom line, without going into other legal aspects,” President al-Assad added.

President al-Assad affirmed that Syria would resist any Turkish invasion of its lands, saying, “If there is an invasion, there will be popular resistance in the first stage….Of course, in the places where the Syrian army is positioned, and it is not deployed to all regions in Syria, and when military conditions allow for direct confrontation, we will do this thing.”

“Two and a half years ago, a confrontation occurred between the Syrian and Turkish army, and the Syrian army was able to destroy some Turkish targets that entered Syrian territory…The situation will be the same according to what the military capabilities allow… In addition, there will be popular resistance,” the President added.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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