Harvesting wheat crops begins in liberated Idleb countryside – video

Idleb, SANA- Farmers in the liberated Idleb countryside started harvesting wheat and handed over their crops to the marketing centers of the Syrian Grain Corporation branch in the province.

Ahmed Karabij, a member of the Executive Office in Idleb Governorate, told SANA reporter that 20,000 hectares of rain-fed and irrigated wheat were planted in the province, and as a result of weather factors and drought conditions, an area of 10,000 hectares of rain-fed wheat went out of production.

He added that in the context of supporting producers and farmers, the governorate allocated one liter of diesel for each dunum in harvesting operations at the subsidized price, and two liters at the commercial price, and the same as a reward for every 1 ton delivered to the Corporation’s centers.


Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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