Al-Laham calls for resolutions to reduce tension in Middle East

Monaco, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad all-Laham said on Monday that terrorism is the most serious threat in the region as it received funding and support by a number of western and regional countries in the past four years.

In a speech at the 9th Plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, al-Laham said that after four years of regional and western intervention and unlimited support to the terrorists, the western powers acknowledged that the sides which they have been supporting under the pretext of “rebellions”, “free army” and “revolutionaries” were none, but the terrorist organizations of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Al-Laham hoped the meeting will give results that contribute to reduce tension in the Middle East region as it is the heart of the world where any tension could affect the world security and stability.

He affirmed that UN Security Council has adopted unanimously Resolutions No. 2170 and 2178 on fighting those terrorist organizations and stopping the flow of thousands of terrorists who have been coming from over 83 countries to Syria via its borders with Turkey and Jordan.
Al-Laham added that “any side which trains any Syrian gunman outside the Syrian state’s framework is involved in terrorism because all terrorist organizations were born out of the womb of the armed groups which were supported by some western and regional countries.

He affirmed that anyone who wants to combat terrorism should commit to Security Council resolutions 1371 for 2001 and 2170 and 2178 for 2014 stipulating for stopping the support, passing, and harboring of terrorists and should coordinate with the countries that encounter terrorism.

The parliament Speaker called upon all countries to participate effectively in countering terrorism through cooperating with the countries suffering from it.

He added “we also call for ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands according to the international resolutions and recognizing the Palestinian rights to establish their independent state with al-Quds as its capital.”

Mohammad Nassr/ Mazen Eyon

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