Four mobile high voltage substations 66/20 KW at Electricity Ministry’s disposal

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Ministry of Electricity announced Sunday receiving four mobile high voltage substations 66/20 KV with a capacity of 20 MW each.

These are half the number of the 8 substations, valued at 8 million Euros in total, that are to be provided to Syria according to a contract made between the General Establishment for Electricity Transmission and friendly countries, deputy director general of the Establishment, Fouad Sleitin, said in a statement.

The other four substations are expected to arrive in two months.

Sleitin noted that the mobile substations have been originally meant to be put in use in urban growth and random housing areas where there is heavy pressure on the power grid.

However, he added, the imported substations will now be temporarily operated in replacement of power stations that sustained damage due to the terrorist organizations’ acts until the latter are repaired and put back into service.

Sleitin assured that the Ministry’s work teams have the needed experience to operate the imported substations and put them into service within 48 hours.

Haifa Said

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