Jan 31, English writer and Noble-Laureate John Galsworthy passes away

1915 – Germany fires Poisonous gas against the Russians in the World War I.

1941 – Iraqi government chaired by Rashid Ali al-Kilani resigns.

1946 – Yugoslavian Constitution, which includes the joining of the  six states announced.

1950 – Truman announces development of H-bomb.

1953 – French authorities arrest  Habib Bourguiba.

1958 – Explorer 1, the first satellite of the United States, launched.

2008 – Report of the Winograd Committee: Israel’s war on Lebanon in 2006 is a “great and grave failure”.

Born today:

1797 – Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert.

Passed away:

1933 – English writer and Noble-Laureate John Galsworthy.

H. Zain/ Mazen

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