Sabbagh: Syria rejects politicizing humanitarian issues, cares for ensuring their implementation 

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, stressed Syria’s keenness on guaranteeing preserving Human rights and providing necessary humanitarian assistance to all areas of crisis, but at the same time rejects politicizing the humanitarian issues of which it has suffered over the past years

Syria shares keenness of all member states to ensure the preservation of human rights and the importance of providing necessary humanitarian assistance, but at the same time rejects any politicization of humanitarian issues and cares to ensure that humanitarian operations are implemented in accordance with the principles of neutrality and non-discrimination, Sabbagh said in his speech at the emergency session of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine.

Sabbagh pointed out that Syria has suffered over the past ten years and continues to suffer from blatant politicization and unprecedented manipulation and hypocrisy in dealing with humanitarian issues it had faced.

Syria’s representative considered that resuming this emergency special session to introduce a draft resolution demonstrates that these States are not genuinely interested in resolving the humanitarian issues in Ukraine, but they focus on passing hostile political positions against Russian Federation through outlining a false one-dimensional image.

Sabbagh pointed out that the UN platform is once again witnessing the exploitation of human rights issues with the aim of create a state of polarization and politicization to serve the political interests of some parties, warning that some States are mixing questions regarding the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine with their hostile political position against the Russian Federation.

The Syrian diplomat reiterated the importance that countries, that care about human rights, pay equal attention to all displaced people and refugees inside and outside of Ukraine, and provide fast and safe humanitarian access without obstacles, including for foreigners present in Ukraine, and to facilitate their return to their countries of origin without delay or discrimination.

Sabbagh concluded his speech by hailing Russian Federation exerted efforts in dealing with humanitarian issues during the special operation in Ukraine and in providing humanitarian assistance to the besieged civilians in several Ukrainian cities, who are being used as human shields, in addition to ensuring a several of humanitarian corridors to the east and west to guarantee the safe exit of the civilians without any discrimination.

Hala Zain

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