Syria: Humanitarian situation can’t be improved without serious work to handle the main reason for the emergence of the crisis

New York, SANA- Syria has stressed that the emergence of a humanitarian crisis in Syria and its aggravation was due to the terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist organizations.

In a statement delivered before the UN Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, Syria underlined that the humanitarian situation can’t be improved without serious work with the Syrian Government to handle the main reason for the emergence of the crisis in some areas which is represented in the crimes committed by the regionally and internationally-backed terrorist organizations.

The statement made it clear that the Syrian Government has utilized all the national capacities starting from 2011 to provide the required needs of shelter, food and medicine to all citizens who have been affected by the crimes of the armed terrorist groups, affirming desire to continue cooperation with the United Nations to facilitate the delivery of aid to all affected civilians across Syria without any discrimination.

It indicated that on Dec. 17, 2014, and after holding consultations and reaching an agreement with UN side, Syria has depended on the Syrian Response Plan for 2015 as a complementary of the national efforts exerted since the beginning of the crisis to alleviate the suffering of its citizens due to the terrorist acts and attacks and the negative repercussions of the attempts of the destructive foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The statement expressed regret that those who prepared the report of the Situation in the Middle East continue to follow a non-constructive approach towards the humanitarian situation in Syria as they are determined to politicize this file and to ignore the facts and developments on the ground.

It stressed that without the efforts and cooperation of the Syrian Government with the specialized UN organizations and agencies, and the direct coordination between the two sides and without the protection provided to the UN personnel and convoys, the humanitarian and relief convoys wouldn’t have been delivered in Dec. 2014, for example 3,6 million people have benefited from the medical aid inside the Syrian territories.

The statement indicated that the humanitarian situation in Syrian couldn’t be improved without giving priority and paying attention to the following data:

-The serious work in coordination with the Syrian Government to handle the reason behind the emergence of the humanitarian crisis in some Syrian areas which is represented in the crimes committed by the armed terrorist organizations.

-The policies of the General Secretariat should match with the UN Charter, the international legitimacy and the regulatory provisions of the humanitarian work in addition to the UN Security Council resolutions No. 2170/2014 and 2178/2014 which had approved the priority of countering terrorism and its organizations such as the “ISIS” and “Jabhat al-Nusra” and the affiliated organizations, and what is required today is to enhance cooperation and coordination with the Syrian Government in the domain of countering terrorism to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria through preventing some countries, particularly the Saudi Arabia and Turkey, from supporting and financing terrorism, in addition to drying up its financial resources and stopping the flow of foreign terrorists to Syria through borders in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions.

-The UN should enhance its cooperation and coordination with the Syrian Government as an alternative of using the language of suspicions with regard to delivering aid to the affected people inside the Syrian territories according to the General Assembly’s resolution No. 46/182.

-Handling the problem of shortage in the funding which has been one of the main obstacles in implementing the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2014 as the percentage of financing it till Nov. 2014 didn’t exceed 39% .

-Canceling the unilateral and illegitimate coercive measures imposed on Syria by some countries which negatively and directly affected the living standards of the Syrian citizens and have reflected negatively on many vital sectors.

-The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) should be obliged to provide detailed lists on the materials and aid which have entered through the borders to different areas in Syria and to show the bodies who are receiving them as all the information indicate that they are delivered to the terrorist groups.

-The reports of the UN General Secretariat should be reliable and transparent when talking about the effectiveness of the mechanism of monitoring the process of aid entrance through the borders as the facts on the ground have proved that the UN doesn’t have an effective mechanism that guarantees delivering aid to those who really deserve it in the areas where the armed terrorist organizations spread.

-Turkey should stop using the unofficial border crossings to transport arms and criminal equipment to Syria and to allow terrorists to enter the country, and Saudi Arabia should stop using the border crossings used by OCHA to smuggle weapons and aid to Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations as the UN should shoulder its moral and political responsibility to prevent that.

-The UN personnel should stop making statements and reports including misleading and random estimations and inaccurate figures taken from unreliable sources on the humanitarian situation in Syria pushed by politicized reasons in a way that negatively affects the reliability, validity and accuracy of the humanitarian work.

The statement clarified that the determination of those who prepared the report to continue to use the terms of “armed opposition” or “non-governmental armed groups” or armed groups” when talking about the armed terrorist organizations is disapproved and denounced as it contradicts the paragraph no. 10 of the report which indicated that the terrorist organizations of Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam held an agreement with Jabhat al-Nusra organization which is listed in the terrorism list at the UN Security Council.

The statement added that using the term “non-governmental armed groups” by the UN General Secretariat to describe those who stole a vehicle of the UNDOF and exploded it in Daraa city is ridiculous, particularly as the UN Security Council had described those groups as terrorists, taking into consideration that these groups use the separation zone as a shelter and hotbed with a clear and divulged Israeli cover.

It continued that it has become clear for all that in every time the armed terrorist groups fail to implement their terrorist crimes and each time terrorism is being defeated by the Syrian Arab Army, Israel seeks to play this role through repeated aggressions on the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The statement said that the number of civilian victims who have been injured or killed in various types of explosive shells fired by terrorists in 2014 till Jan. 2015 has been officially documented as 238 have been killed including 45 children while 377 have been injured including 82 children at the time when some are still determined to call them “moderate armed opposition” in a desperate attempt to justify their interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

The statement concluded by saying that the Syrian Government is still counts on an effective and responsible role to be played by the UN in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Syria and on supporting the resilience of the Syrians based on the respect of the Syrian sovereignty and the full cooperation with the Syrian Government in eliminating terrorism and delivering humanitarian and relief aid.

R. al-Jazaeri / Ghossoun

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