Eleven people die in a fire at the building of (La Mirada Mall) in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- Eleven people died, and seven others were injured in a fire that broke out on Tuesday at dawn in the entire building of “La Mirada Mall” on al-Hamra Street, Damascus.

“7 charred bodies have been transferred to the Emergency Department at Damascus Hospital (Al Mujtahid) from the morning till now due to the fire which broke out in the building of the La Mirada Mall”, Head of the Emergency Department, Dr. Mohammad Abu al-Rish told SANA.

He said the bodies were not identified and so they were taken directly to the refrigerators, to carry out the necessary examinations by the forensic medicine to determine their identity.

In a statement, Health Ministry said that after it was informed about the fire, it immediately responded as 4 ambulances were sent to provide the necessary medical aid and transfer a number of people to nearby hospitals to provide the necessary treatment services for them.

The ministry added that the ambulances are still in the place to support the firefighting teams and civil defense until they finish the cooling operations.

In turn, Assistant Commander of Damascus Fire Brigade, Brigadier Ali Hassan told SANA that Members of Damascus Fire Brigade put out the fire and the cooling operations are underway.

Hassan added that four centers of Damascus Fire Brigade, in addition to the civil defense personnel, headed to the place of fire immediately after it broke out.

For his part, Damascus Governor, Eng. Adel al-Olabi, said that the fire erupted at dawn, and immediately members of Damascus Fire Brigade, Civil Defense and medical teams headed to the place.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-jazaeri

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