Ablaq architecture in Homs, a unique architectural alternation between white and black

Homs,SANA- The alleys and lanes of the old city of Homs are characterized with a unique architectural style, including houses and arches where the black basalt stones enter with the white to form a chessboard.

Director of Antiquities Department in Homs Eng. Hossam Hamish, told SANA reporter that this architectural style, have been known throughout eras as Ablaq architecture which characterized the city of Homs and distinguished it from the rest of the cities.

The Ablaq art is based on alternation between black basalt stone and white limestone, mainly in the construction of arches, doors and windows, while the alternation becomes unilateral or bilateral in the main facades.

In turn, specialist of the theories and history of architecture at Al-Baath University Dr. Abdel-Masih Ashi said that Homs city is famous for this style of architecture, which includes black and white colors, as this architecture began in 1500 AD.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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