A young man transforms environment’s waste into sculptures and antiques

Daraa, SANA- Khaled Jamal al-Masalma, a young man from Daraa province, shows large skill and creativity in transforming the waste of the environment into different designs with the aim of improving his living income.

The young man uses the remnants of wood, cork and other materials in making models of old houses and cottages, Arab traditional councils, antiques and some objects that are used in decorating houses and shops.

Al-Masalma told SANA reporter that he aspires to own a machine to help him in his work and a shop for marketing his products in an optimal way, pointing out that he creates the designs of his pieces by himself without anyone’s help.

He added that his work was as a hobby since he was young, which was developed and became more professional after he worked in the furniture carpentry.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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