Iraqi FM: Adopting a political solution to the crisis in Syria will lead to solving terrorism problems in the world

Baghdad, SANA- Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed that adopting a political solution to the crisis in Syria will lead to solving all terrorism problems in Iraq, the region and the world.

“The Iraqi delegation stressed to the delegations of the participating countries in Davos Conference that it is necessary to adopt a political solution to the crisis in Syria as it is the key for solving all these problems and files after four years of war in Syria,” al-Jaafari said in a statement at the conclusion of his participation in Davos Conference.

He added “The world today is fighting in a single war against terrorism on different fronts” calling for coordinating efforts to eliminate this danger which kills the innocents and depletes the resources of the nations.

Al-Jaafari addressed the participating countries, saying “If you don’t fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ‘ISIS’, they will fight you on your land,” reiterating his call upon the countries to fulfill their obligations towards Iraq through providing the support to it on the security, military, humanitarian and service levels without any prejudice to the Iraqi sovereignty.

Most of the northern and northwestern areas in Iraq are witnessing military operations against ISIS as eliminating this Takfiri organization has become a pressing need, yet there has been no clear and honest international decision to fight it by the countries which boast of and claim that they are fighting this organization.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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