Ambassador Ala: Israel’s continued development of its arsenal, including nuclear, main source of destabilization

Geneva, SANA-Syria reaffirmed that the Israeli occupation continued development of its arsenal of weapons, including the nuclear one is the main source of threat to the security and stability  in region, which requires from the international community to implement its commitments of the establishment of a zone free from weapons of mass destruction and take serious steps to ensure Israel’s accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Houssam al-Din Ala said in a statement on Thursday before the 2022 Disarmament Conference that the world is facing unprecedented challenges and dangers today in light of a security environment characterized by rising tensions, aggressive policies and military provocations in many world regions and poses threat to international peace and security.

“Syria has given great interest to make the Middle East a region free from weapons of mass destruction, and it was one of the first countries that joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty of 1969 and the Chemical Weapons Convention of 2013,” Ala said.

He went on to Syria that the insistence of “Israel” and the US to reject participation in the conference sponsored by the UN in New York, in implementation of the General Assembly’s decision No. 546/73, to establish a free-nuclear weapon zone is a clear recklessness of the international and regional Will.

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