Syrian-Belarusian talks to boost medical and engineering Cooperation

Minsk, SANA_ Minister of Public Works and Housing, Suhail Abdullatif, and the administration of the Belarusian Belmedpreparatory Medical Corporation discussed the possibility of cooperation with the institution and others concerned in the health sector in Syria in terms of securing the needs of the Syrian market with some types of medicine.

During a visit held on Thursday by Abdullatif and the Syrian delegation participating in the meetings of the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Intergovernmental Committee to the medical institution in Belarus, the delegation eas briefed on the work of the institution and the pharmaceutical brands it produces, their quantities and specifications.

Later, the Syrian delegation visited the Belarusian engineering trucks and machinery production plant, Maz, with the aim of reviewing the types of machinery and engineering trucks produced in the plant and its production capacity.

They discussed with the plant administration the possibility of cooperation with Syrian government agencies and institutions and how to take advantage of the advanced mechanisms produced in Belarus.

Manar Salameh / Mazen Eyon

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