Al-Shebel: Damascus will return to Arab League when they reconsider the breach that suspended its membership

Moscow, SANA-Special Adviser at the Republic’s Presidency, Luna al-Shebel, said that terrorism has no identity, nor geography and it is cross-borders.

“Any country that takes a decision to combat terrorism in any place of the world, it is, in a way or another, liberating the world and itself from terrorism,” al-Shebel told Russian Izvestia newspaper in an interview published on Monday.

She affirmed that Syria supports cooperation with all international organizations, provided that they comply with the international law, UN Charter and keeping away from political agendas.

As for holding dialogue with “Kurdish formations” in north-eastern Syria and the issue of “federalism,” al-Shebel said that during the war, Syria has not stopped any dialogue with any of the groups that wanted dialogue, but the issue of federalism is related to the constitution, not to “the opinion of the government,” adding that constitution expresses a national consensus and it is done through referendum.

“I can say that the public opinion in Syria and the majority of Syrian people reject Federalism,” al-Shebel said.

Regarding Syria’s return to the Arab League, al-Shebel said “in fact, Syria is still a member at the Arab League,” adding that in 2011, the Arab League suspended Syria’s participation in the activities of the League in a breach to the Arab organization’s rules and regulations and it is an illegal measure.

“ Damascus will return to the Arab League when they reconsider the breach that has happened,” al-Shebel said.

Mazen Eyon

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