384 students participate in the finals of Syrian Scientific Olympiad 2022

Damascus, SANA-With the participation of 384 students from different provinces, the first round of final qualifiers for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad 2022 started on Tuesday to select members of the national teams that will participate in the international Olympic competitions during the coming period in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics.

The final qualifiers organized by the Excellence and Creativity Commission, include two rounds of tests over two days, each round lasts for four continuous hours in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology at Ebla Hotel in Damascus.

Meanwhile it lasts for five continuous hours in informatics at the Faculty of Informatics Engineering at Damascus University.

All tenth grade students who qualified from the current season, students who were members of the national Olympic teams over the past years, as well, students who won first places in the Scientific Olympiad for adolescents, School Programming Contest and the Kids and Adolescents Programming Marathon2021 will be tested.

The questions are prepared by central scientific committees of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad.

On October 23rd 2021, the competitions for new season of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad launched with the participation of nearly 6000 students from the tenth grade and the winning students in the Scientific Olympiad for adolescents from different provinces.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Shaza Qeima

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