Cham Wings Airlines runs first direct flight to Karachi Airport, Pakistan

Damascus, SANA- Cham Wings Airlines run on Wednesday the first direct flight from Damascus International Airport to the airport of Karachi City in Pakistan.

 This flight comes as a part of the company’s plan to expand its international flights to become the 14th destination for its planes, according to the company’s Director of Development and Public Relations, Osama Satea.

Satea underlined the importance of opening a direct line between Damascus and Pakistan to meet the needs of passengers, in addition to activating the trade and air transport movement in general between the two countries

He added that the company is working to provide the best services at encouraging prices in coincides with expanding its network of overseas stations.

He indicated that the flight which was run to Karachi today arrives at Karachi airport at 4:15 pm, Karachi local time.


Rafah al-Allouni /Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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