Tarnabeh-Saraqeb corridor opened for Idleb students to sit for secondary education certificate candidacy exam

Idleb, SANA- The authorities concerned opened Tarnabeh- Saraqeb humanitarian corridor in Idleb southeastern countryside for the students in the province who are willing to sit for the candidacy examination for the secondary education certificate in Hama province.

“The authorities concerned opened the corridor and it was equipped with medical and supervisory teams from the Syrian Red Crescent to provide assistance to students wishing to come to the corridor and go to Hama province to submit the candidacy exam for the secondary education certificate,” Head of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Idleb Branch Mohammad Watti said.

During the past years, terrorist organizations have prevented students of Idleb province who are in the areas they control from reaching the corridors opened by the state so that they could sit for the exams for the preparatory and secondary certificates, and used live bullets to intimidate them, and the roads leading to those corridors were blocked.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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