Hasaka Governor: We call all countries to repatriate their nationals held inside camps

Hasaka, SANA- Hasaka Governor Ghassan Khalil called on all countries to repatriate their nationals held inside the camps, voicing the Syrian government’s readiness to provide everything necessary to implement humanitarian tasks in this regard.

Khalil’s remark came during a meeting with Ambassador of South Africa Barry Philip Gelder and UNICEF Representative in Syria, Bo Viktor Nylund on Sunday.

“We call all the countries to repatriate their nationals held inside the camps and resettle them in their countries and reintegrate them again, as they have been heavily involved in terrorism, and this constitutes a great danger in the future for the region and its countries,” Khalil said.

“We are here to release 16 South African women and children held inside a camp in al-Malikiyah city in Hasaka countryside,” Gelder told the journalists in a statement.

We have received great assistance from the Syrian government in our humanitarian endeavors, he added.

The south Africa seeks to work with the Syrian government to determine the fate of the rest of its nationals, he affirmed.

For his part, Nylund pointed out to the UNICEF role in solving the humanitarian issues and helping South Africa in resettlement its nationals held in the camps.

Shaza Qriema



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