Israeli-made weapons, drugs seized in Quneitra, Damascus countryside

Quneitra, SANA- The competent authorities, in cooperation with the locals, have seized amounts of Israeli-made weapons, ammunition, drugs and medicines left behind by terrorists in Damascus southwestern countryside and Quneitra northern countryside.

“Through security follow-up operations, and based on accurate information along with the cooperation of the locals in Kanaker town, Damascus countryside, amounts of highly-explosive C4 substance were found, in addition to seizing Western-made weapons, including PKC machine guns, RPGs, wireless communication devices, individual mines and Israeli-made anti-tank mines left behind by terrorist organizations in Bareqah village, Quneitra countryside”، a source from the competent authorities told SANA reporter.

The source indicated that a quantity of drugs and medicines, some of which are Israeli-made, were also found in the northern countryside of Quneitra, as they had been used by terrorist groups before they were expelled from the area.

On October 16th, the competent authorities in Quneitra, in cooperation with the reconciliation committees, seized quantities of weapons, ammunition and drugs left behind by terrorists in Damascus western countryside and Quneitra northern and southern countryside.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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