President al-Assad receives Talal Naji.. talks deal with situation on Syrian and Palestinian arenas

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad received on Saturday Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command -Talal Naji and the accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the latest developments on the Syrian and Palestinian arenas and the related Arab and regional issues.

President al-Assad talked about indications and meanings of “Jerusalem Sword” Battle and its strategic impacts on the conflict track with the Zionist enemy, appreciating the role of resistance forces and Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem and the occupied territories of 1948, in achieving this remarkable victory.

On the other hand, President al-Assad indicated to the purposes of economic war to which Syria is exposed, underlining that the economic blockade came as a result of the failure of the aggression forces and tools, in the militarily and security sides, and the blockade against the Syrian people is to strike the popular structure that has withstood throughout the global war on Syria, affirming that the Syrian people are able to overcome this stage reaching to the final victory.

For his part , Dr.Naji hailed the firm stances of Syrian Arab Republic towards the Palestinian cause under the leadership of President al-Assad, his wisdom and courage as an exceptional and historic Arab leader, thanking the great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab people and army despite all the difficult and hard circumstances and pressures.

As for challenges and dangers that encounter the Palestinian cause in the light of waves of official Arab normalization with the Zionist entity , Naji affirmed that the unity of Palestinian people and their resistance is the only option to respond to the frustration and division projects.

At the end of meeting , President al-Assad affirmed that the unity of Palestinian rank and commitment to the right of return must remain the basic factor in the march of Palestinian liberation movement , wishing leadership of the front, headed by Dr. Naji , to go ahead in the march of freedom and struggle.

Hybah / Mazen

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