The Grayzone: A network of UK intelligence -linked operatives helped fabrication chemical plays in Syria

Washington, SANA- A network of UK intelligence -linked operatives , including a group of figures who played major roles in fabricating plays about the alleged chemical attacks in Syria and creating an international media coverage for these fabrications with a clear goal of mobilizing Western support for intervention in Syria to destabilize it.

The “Grayzone” news website published a report in which it highlighted that Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a British spy, previously Commanding Officer of the UK CBRN Regiment to later self-proclaimed expert in chemical weapons providing alleged evidences that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) used them as a main source for its politicized reports that distorted the facts about the alleged chemical attacks in Syria.

Gordon’s Twitter profile identified him as a member of the 77th Brigade in the British Army, a military squad, which maintains huge numbers of real, fake and automated social media accounts that it deploys to disseminate propaganda in support of UK Foreign Office objectives, and discredit its critics.

But later this description was removed from Gordon’s account, especially after he began his suspicious activities in Syria, through which he established an organization in the places where terrorist organizations were deployed in Aleppo previously to collect samples and alleged evidence about the fabricated chemical attacks to encourage the American intervention, and that was confirmed by a high-ranking Western official, whose name was not revealed by the site.

The website denounced the fact that international bodies such as the (OPCW) has allowed an individual like Gordon or even his suspicious organization to play a role in several investigations in regard with alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria, despite that this organization has provided false evidence earlier.

The website was also surprised from the transformation of the videos filmed by people who have been called in the Western and the US media as “activists” and who were recruited by the American and British intelligence to be as evidences which the (OPCW) has depended on them to prepare its reports.

Rafah al-Alouni/Shaza Qriema

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