Al-Baath Party central leadership: Syrian Arab Army absolutely committed to homeland

Damascus, SANA- On the 76th anniversary of founding the Syrian Arab Army, the central leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party paid tribute to the souls of the army’s martyrs, its wounded, and its heroes who have achieved one victory after another, heading towards the great victory.

In a statement, the central leadership of the party stated that the Syrian Arab army, with its absolute faith in its homeland and with its courage and determination, has been able to achieve victories over the forces of tyranny and terrorism, despite the massive imbalance in the material and military forces in favor of the aggressors, stressing that this army is the people’s army that is absolutely committed to the homeland and the message of the Arab nation, civilization and humanity.

The Central leadership indicated that what the Syrian Arab Army faced in terms of harsh wars has not been faced by an army before, as it is the first army in the world that maintained normal life in the safe and liberated Syrian areas and did not impose on it the logic of a state of war.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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