Syria , Russia : Priority is for the return of displaced Syrians to their liberated areas

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian and Russian Coordination Committees on the Return of the Syrian Refugees affirmed on Wednesday that the return of the displaced Syrians to their areas liberated from terrorism is a national priority for the Syrian state, which exerted large efforts to rebuild the infrastructure in the country and find job opportunities for the returnees.

In a joint statement by the two Committees, Syria and Russia affirmed the need for reconstruction and liquidation of terrorist hotbeds and their remnants synchronizing with the efforts exerted by Syria to secure what is needed for the Syrian returnees .

The statement stressed that the obstacles that face the return of the displaced to their liberated areas are still represented by the approach followed by Western countries in adopting the policy of sanctions against Syria and the measures that are extended annually, which curb the process of rebuilding the country and limit the citizens’ ability to secure their basic needs, in addition to the Illegitimate presence of the foreign occupation forces on Syrian territory.

It underlined the need to stop politicizing the humanitarian aid process to Syria and lift the sanctions that have harmed the Syrian economy and deprived the Syrians from achieving self-sufficiency.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon


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