A stand in solidarity with Manbij citizens in Maskanah countryside against QSD practices

Aleppo SANA- Citizens and clans of Wadha and al-Haet and many towns in Maskanah countryside of Aleppo organized on Saturday a rally in solidarity with Manbij people against the practices of QSD militia and the US and Turkish occupation forces.

The concluding statement of the rally affirmed that the pure blood of Manbij people that irrigated the land of this city is precious to every Syrian, and it is the starting point for rejection of any compromise with QSD militia, and it will remain the shining beacon to liberate Manbij city from the US occupation and its agents.

The statement added that Manbij will remain Syrian land and all the people are one hand with the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad to liberate every occupied inch of the soil of the homeland, and Syria will remain one united with all its components and patriotic fabric.

Participants in the stand expressed their absolute support for the uprising of Manbij ’citizens in the face of the invaders and greedy for the resources of the country, stressing that they are ready to enter Manbij city and stand with the honorable people to rescue them of the separatist gangs of the QSD supported by the US occupation to restore security, safety and stability to its territory .

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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