US occupation transfers over 60 Daesh terrorists to al-Shadadi base in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- US occupation forces transferred dozens of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists from QSD militia-controlled prisons in Hasaka province, with the aim of using the terrorist groups to implement Washington’s plots in the region.

Civil sources told SANA that, over the last two days, the US occupation forces transferred more than 60 Daesh terrorists, including Iraqi and Saudi nationalities, from al-Thanwiyah al-Sinaee Prison at the entrance of Hasaka city to its base in al-Shadadi city in the southern countryside.

The sources indicated that the transfer of terrorists took place amid intense US helicopters overflights from midnight until dawn, which often synchronize with fabricated riot acts inside prisons which are under control of QSD militia to justify the transfer.

Last Sunday, US occupation forces transferred a group of Daesh terrorists from al-Thanwiyah al-Sinaee Prison to the US occupation base in al-Shadadi city to be trained by US intelligence ,in preparation for their use in carrying out attacks against the Syrian Arab Army, residential complexes and vital facilities.


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