Reflexes of al-Quds Intifada … a seminar at headquarters of Syrian Arab Popular Committee for Supporting Palestinian People in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- The political seminar on “Reflexes of al-Quds Intifada on Zionist Entity” which was organized by the Syrian Arab Popular Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People and Resisting the Zionist Project has focused on the necessity to continue the resistance and popular intifada in facing the Zionist enemy as they constitute the only way to liberate the land and defeat the occupation.

During the seminar, which was held in cooperation with Al-Quds International Institution (QII) / Syria and the alliance of Palestinian forces, Researcher Samir Abou Saleh reviewed the outcomes that the popular uprising in al-Quds and in Palestine in general had achieved, mainly the major shift in American, European and world public opinion in general in the interest of the rights of the Palestinians.

Abu Saleh affirmed the importance of unifying the resistance and the resolution to confront the Zionist colonial project in occupied Palestine.

The participants stressed the importance of holding seminars and conferences that address the resistance, its culture and victories , asserting that the popular uprising in the occupied al-Quds expressed the stance of the Palestinian people towards  resisting the occupation and commitment to their legitimate rights and rejection of all forms of normalization with it.

Hala Zain

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