Army establishes control over building blocks in Daraa, eliminates terrorists in several areas – Updated

Provinces, SANA – The Army and Armed Forces resumed its counterterrorism operations on Friday, eliminating many terrorists and destroying their hideouts, vehicles, weapons, and equipment in several provinces.


Army units eliminated a number of terrorists and injures others in the areas of Ayn al-Bardeh, al-Shughre, Kastoun and Zaizoun in Idleb countryside.

Other units killed and injured a number of terrorists in the areas of Haloz, Mareayan, Talab, Tal Salmo, Mazraet Baza, and Hirsh Ishtabrak, in addition to eliminating many terrorists and destroying two of their vehicles which were equipped with heavy machineguns near the road between Kafr Lata and Bzabor in al-Arb’in Mountain.

An army unit foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate into a number of military posts near Jisr al-Shughour and killed and injured scores of the assailants.

Another army unit destroyed terrorists’ weapon caches in Kifr Laha and Mantaf and destroyed a number of vehicles in Abu al-Dohour, Khan Sheikhoun and Ihsem.


Army units killed a number of terrorists and injured others in al-Waer neighborhood in Homs city, Rahoom village, and the area surrounds al-Sultania and Salam Garbi, in addition to eliminating terrorists while they were trying to infiltrate towards Maksar al-Hussan and Abu al-Alaya in the eastern countryside of Homs.


Army units targeted and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and vehicles in the areas of Kifr Zeita, Atshan, al-Zakaa, Abdoun, Tulul al-Humr, Adlah and al-Haddaj in Hama countryside, a number of terrorists were killed or injured in the process.


Army units established control over a number of building blocks in the area surrounds Busra square in Daraa al-Mahta, in addition to destroying a makeshift explosive shells launcher and eliminating the terrorists who were using it in al-Naziheen Camp in Daraa al-Balad.

Other units killed many terrorists and destroyed their equipment in the area surrounding the Electricity Company and the Camp Park in Daraa al-Balad, and in Atman and its surroundings in Daraa countryside.

Diaa al-Shibli, Ismael al-Khateeb, Qassem al-Khateeb, and Ashraf al-Masri were identified among the dead terrorists.

Another army unit destroyed a hideout along with terrorists inside it in the area surrounding Atman in Daraa countryside.

The army targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in Da’el, al-Nu’aima, Ibta’, Zimrin, Inkhel and Wa’ar al-Lujat, killing scores of terrorists and destroying a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

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The army units targeted terrorists’ hideout in Harasta and killed and injured a number of terrorists, one of them a sniper.

A unit of the armed forces targeted a terrorists’ hideout in the western neighborhood of Zabadani city on Friday and destroyed its contents of weapons and ammunition.

The operation resulted in the killing a number of terrorists including Ahmad Saada, Bilal Abdala, Hamza Tinawi and Wael Kanaan, SANA reporter said.

Earlier Friday, units of the army and armed forces targeted a terrorists’ hideout in Harasta and killed and injured a number of them, one of them a sniper

The army also targeted terrorists’ hideouts in Douma, al-Qalamoun and Daraya killing and injuring a large numbers of terrorists as well as destroying their vehicles.

The army continued advancing in Jobar neighborhood and discovered and seized a 600 m tunnel after killing or arresting all terrorists in it, the reporter added.

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