Syria celebrates Arbor Day with national work plan for protecting forests

Damascus, SANA- Syria is celebrating Arbor Day by carrying a number of forestation campaigns which target areas and sites damaged by terrorism.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian devised a national work plan to monitor, expand, and protect forests, in addition to adopting measures for preventing forest fires by developing forests, setting up roads, and repairing old roads reforms to allow for for putting out fires more quickly and efficiently.

More than 100 watch towers had been built by the Ministry in all the provinces for reporting infringements upon forests and fires, in addition to supporting its 19 firefighting centers with extra teams, increased the number of fire trucks, expanded their wireless network to cover all forested sites, provided equipment for firefighting teams, and set up the phone number 188 for reporting forest fires.

The Ministry also equipped five helicopters in coordinating with Defense ministry for putting out fires and set up water hydrants across the country.

The forested area in Syria is approximately 507,000 hectares, and the Ministry seeks to expand it by reforming the declining areas, carrying out artificial forestation, and preventing infringement on forests.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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