Agriculture Minister: Supporting production projects to meet market needs

Damascus, SANA – The Budget and Accounts Committee at the People’s Assembly discussed on Wednesday the investment budget of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform for 2018, which was set at about SYP 17.817 billion.

The Committee’s members called for reducing the prices of fodder and fertilizers to permanently stop traders’ manipulation of these materials and accelerate the cultivation of seedlings instead of forest and fruit trees that were damaged due to the ongoing war, in addition to supporting organic agriculture and agro-industries.

In turn, Agriculture Minister Ahmad al-Qaderi said the Ministry will work during the coming period to support production projects which provide large quantities of the local market’s needs as well as the continued importation of cattle.

He added that the Ministry is keen to secure the production requirements as well as expanding the cultivation of medicinal plants and alternative crops and the adoption of 32 varieties of crops and fruit trees.

He pointed out that the Ministry, in cooperation with government agencies, federations and international organizations, is working on a number of programs in order to provide productive grants to poor families and martyrs’ families, in addition to supporting programs for affected rural women and encouraging family farming.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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