Arab Parliamentary Union strongly denounces Turkish occupation practices of cutting off drinking water from Hasaka Locals, calls for immediately stop them

Beirut, SANA- Arab Parliamentary Union strongly denounced the Turkish occupation practices, particularly the crime of deliberated and repeated cut off of drinking water from Hasaka Locals, and called upon international community, with all its spectrums and organizations, to put immediate pressure on the Turkish authorities to stop these violations and restore water supplies.

In statement, the Union pointed out that the Turkish occupation practices come at the time when the region is witnessing a large rise in temperature degrees in the Holy Month of Ramadan, in addition to the exacerbated health situation due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic and urgent need to drinking water.

The Union called upon the international community with all its spectrums and organizations concerned with human rights to put immediate and urgent pressures on the Turkish authorities to stop these inhuman violations and immediately restore the water supplies to the areas which it has deprived from water in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe which will not be limited to the Syrian borders but which negative impacts will affect the neighboring areas.

The Union expressed support to the efforts and endeavors aiming at reaching a political solution which restores to Syria its axial security in the region and the world, as it is considered as one of pillars of the joint Arab action and to guarantee security and stability in the Arab region and the Middle East.

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammoudah Sabbagh, addressed 48 messages, by the name of the Assembly, to UN Secretary General, heads of international parliamentary organizations and UN high commissioner for the Human rights, condemning the continued crime of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries who cut off water in Hasaka and its vicinity.

Sabbagh called for exerting all forms of pressure on the Turkish occupation regime to immediately stop that heinous crime and supply the drinking water to more than one million citizens in Hasaka and its countryside.

Hala Zain

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