Citadel Stones… Dance show depicts Syrian mosaic and diversity

Lattakia, SANA, Syria’s rich social mosaic and cultural heritage came under spotlight in the artistic dancing performances by “Jullanar Theatrical Band” on the stage of Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Lattakia.

“Citadel Stones”, is the title of the band’s show, was presented in Lattakia for the first time on Christmas.

Head of the Band and the dance coach, Ali Sharif Hamdan, told SANA that the main objective of “Citadel Stones” is to give insights into the culture, civilization and geographical diversity of Syria through dance shows depicting Syria’s heritage and traditions.

citadel stones1

He noted the show is meant to convoy a message that homeland is large enough for all Syrians who are essential components to its steadfastness, adding that it is a message of peace and amity from Syria to the whole world.

“25 young dancers participated in the 45-minute-show which featured the diverse Syrian mosaic and it was evident in our choices of music, songs and customs from different Syrian areas,” Hamdan added.

“We want to tell the world, through this initiative, that we are still able to give despite all circumstances, and that Syria is strong and rich thanks to all talents and brilliant minds,” he concluded.

Jullanar Band was founded in 1997, and it embraces more than forty academic dancers. The band has participated in several Syrian and Arab festivals, in addition to performing in a number of European countries.

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