“Bells of Laodice” event brings together Muslims and Christians in joint pray for peace

Lattakia, SANA – A joint Christian Muslim prayer was held Tuesday evening at the Latin Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Lattakia calling for peace in Syria.


Religious hymns were performed along with the joint prayer, which was meant to stress the national unity binding the people of Syria with all their sects.

The prayer was held as part of an event celebrating Christmas under the title “Bells of Laodice”, which will last for two days.

Archbishop Nicholas Sawaf, the Melkite Archbishop of Lattakia and Tartous, stressed that having “Syrians gathered here to commemorate the birth of Christ is an indication of this people’s unity and their strong will to stick to life. ”

joint prayer

“Peace is a blessing that is only bestowed upon those who honestly pray for it,” he added.

Member of the Levant’s Scholars Union, Sheikh Mohammad Reda Hatem, echoed the words of Archbishop Sawaf reiterating the Syrians’ high sense of national unity implied in the event.

H. Zain/ H. Said

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