Ambassador in Beirut: Syria is capable of fighting terrorism

Beirut, SANA – Syria’s Ambassador in Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim said terrorism is threatening the entire world, and that Syria is countering terrorism while at the same time it adopts dialogue and political solution as to solve the crisis.

Following a meeting with head of the Lebanese Change and Reform Bloc, MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday, Ambassador Abdul-Karim said the world is now reconsidering its stance on terrorism and the effect of it on the interests of all countries.

He noted that he and Aoun exchanged views on the political scene and noted that the countries around the world have come to realize the threat now posed by terrorism to its funders and backers.

He stressed that Syria is capable of fighting terrorism, although it is facing huge destruction and bloodshed, but it has withstood due to the steadfastness of its people, army and leadership.

M. Nassr/Mazen

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