Syrian Ambassador calls for coordination between Syrian and Lebanese armies to counter terrorism

Beirut, SANA – Syria’s Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim highlighted the need for coordination between the armies and states of Syria and Lebanon to counter terrorism and ensure the return of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon back home.

In an interview with the Lebanese NBN TV channel aired on Tuesday, the Ambassador said some Lebanese parties have facilitated and provided a passage for gunmen from Lebanon into Syria and vice versa.

He made it clear that the Syrian government is ready for coordination with regard to the issue of the displaced, stressing that well-equipped residential places are available inside Syria for them.

Abdul-Karim underscored that Syrian-Lebanese coordination is for the sake of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, dismissing as untrue the talk about Syria not wanting the return of the displaced.

He criticized the policy of self-association which Lebanon has taken in relation to the crisis in Syria, stressing that this policy has negatively affected Lebanon and caused harmful effects, not least of all the spillover of terrorism.

Haifa Said

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