Ministry of Petroleum:  Al-Jabsa-al-Rayyan gas pipeline in Deir Ezzor countryside attacked

Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources on Saturday said that al-Jabsa-al-Rayyan gas pipeline was attacked in Abu Khashab area in Deir Ezzor countryside, asserting that fire was erupted in the pipeline causing its stop from work.

In a statement, the Ministry said that firefighters and maintenance workshops immediately started work to put out the fire and repair the pipeline in order to resume pumping the gas.

The gas transmission pipelines were exposed to repeated attacks during the terrorist war on Syria as the largest attacks was the explosion targeted the Arab Gas pipeline in al-Dameer area in  Damascus countryside last August, along with plundering and smuggling the oil in the Syrian al-Jazeera by the US occupation forces, in cooperation with QSD militia.

Shaza/ Manar/ Hala

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