Syrian pharmacist wins gold, silver medals in 8th International Exhibition of Innovations in China

Damascus, SANA – The pharmacist Dr. Chadi Mohammed Deeb Khatib won a golden medal in the 8th International Exhibition of Inventions 2014 in Kunshan, China, for his FatrimTM Slimming Recipe (slimming herbal mixture made from Za’atar Halabi (thyme).

In a statement to SANA miscellaneous bulletin, Khatib said he studied pharmacy at Aleppo University and graduated with an honours degree in the specialization of beauty, makeup and cosmetics medicines in 2003. Later on, he got a diploma in medical plants from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Damascus University.

Khatib added that he has a passion for studying medical and aromatic plants, particularly those types which grow in Syria and could be used in treating a variety of diseases and physical conditions, referring to obesity, the theme of his scientific research for which he won the golden medal.

He noted that he has got the silver medal in the same exhibition for making an organic herbal  bread from plantago seeds and barley for diet and patients with diabetes.


“Several years of research and study of medical plants have helped me to figure out a unique composition to help in losing weight,” Khatib told SANA, explaining the components of his composition which he said is a mixture of marine and fiber-rich plants that contain chromium, phosphorus and iodine, in addition to gelatinous plants which fill the stomach with gelatinous compounds that absorb water, so they double in size and help control the appetite and give the feeling of satisfaction.

The second mechanism of this product is mainly based on the burning and oxidation of fats through changing the metabolic behavior of the body and compensating the basic micronutrients, mainly chromium, phosphorus and iodine, tryptophan and vitamin B6, he added.

Khatib indicated that the product reduces the body’s absorption of fats and sugars and controls sugar level through lowering high blood glucose. It is suitable for diabetes patients as it is rich in antioxidant compounds and superoxide anion scavengers which help get rid of cellulite.

He noted that he got a license to establish the Syrian scientific association for herbs, complementary medicine, homogeneity and nutrition to solve the problems of traditional use of medical and aromatic plants and provide expertise to spice dealers through training courses to know the characteristics and methods of using herbs in a scientific and safe way.

Khatib also won the silver medal in the International Exhibition of Best Inventions held in Shiraz in Iran and he has been nominated for al-Mustafa Prize in Tehran for the best innovations in sciences and new technology in the Islamic world.

Rasha Raslan/Haifa Said

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