Syrians of the occupied Golan reaffirm commitment to motherland

Syrian Occupied Golan, SANA People of the Syrian occupied Golan on Monday reiterated rejection of the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision on annexing the Golan as “null and void”.

On the 33rd anniversary of the Israeli ominous decision, people of Golan affirmed, in a statement, their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity, asserting that the Israeli decision is “illegal and not worth the ink it is written with.”

They expressed rejection of the Israeli attempt to divide the Golan and to sow sedition among its people, asserting that the Zionist entity is working on supporting terrorists and paving the way for them to target the Syrian Arab Army and to establish buffer zone on the land of the Golan with the aim of usurping it from the homeland.

They reiterated their commitment to the Syrian Arab identity and to the national pact, rejecting any attempt to impose the Israeli identity on them.

They hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the homeland against the armed terrorist organizations.

In a relevant context, a symposium was held in the occupied village of Buqa’atha in which the participants expressed rejection of the Israeli attempt to establish a buffer zone in the Syrian occupied Golan to separate it from the motherland.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to UN Bashar al-Jaafari participated in the Symposium from New York via a phone call through which he expressed the firm stance of the Syrian leadership towards the Golan, asserting that the Golan will return to the motherland sooner or later.

The national will of Syrians in the occupied Golan, who have been adhering to their land and their identity, has triumphed due to their rejection of the Israeli entity’s attempts to annex the occupied Golan under the Israeli Zionist decision of 14 December 1981.

The anniversary of this decision has become a national occasion, through which the inhabitants of the occupied Golan reiterate their deep affiliation and loyalty to their homeland, their land and their rejection of Israeli identity.

Commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the Israeli annexation decision by renewing their complete rejection of this colonial raciest measure, which is inseparable from the systematic terrorism to which Syria is exposed, Israel continues its intransigence and refusal of the UN-related resolutions particularly Resolution No. 497 for 1981 which considers Israel’s decision to impose its laws, administration and custody on the occupied Syrian Golan as “null and void.”

Governor of Quneitra, Ahmad Sheikh Abdel Qader told SANA that uprising of the Golanese in the face of the Zionist entity was the direct response against the annexation decision.

Abdel Qader, also stressed victory of the national will of our people in the Syrian Golan, hailing their heroic firmness in dealing with practices of the Zionist occupier and emphasizing the great care and unwavering support that Syria is giving to the Syrian Golan.

H. Zain/ G. Hassoun


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