Syria participates in UNESCO virtual meeting on learning assessments and school reopening

Damascus, SANA- Syria participated in the 9th webinar and virtual meeting organized by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on learning assessments and school reopening.

Webinar #9 on “Learning assessments and school reopening” came within a number of Webinars and virtual meetings organized by the UNESCO.

The meeting aims to listen to the member states that are planning or already implementing different learning assessment strategies (including classroom assessment, large-scale assessment, and examinations) as part of their school reopening process.

The meeting focused on various modalities that the students have adopted to learn during the school closures, which led to very different levels of knowledge and skills and learning losses for some of them, this stimulated to determine where students are in their learning trajectory as well as to adjust instruction and allocate resources accordingly, and to collect this information and rely on learning assessment, which is an essential feedback mechanism in the education system.

Education Minister Dr. Darem Tabaa focused, in his intervention, on assessment of education and the reopening of schools in Syria, stressing the importance of preserving the right of each child in learning, protecting him from diseases and applying the health protocol to protect him from the coronavirus, in addition to the necessity of taking all needed measures to sterilize schools before they open.

Tabaa added that Ministry worked on increasing the number of classrooms to achieve place distance between students, as well as compensating educational losses.

The Minister pointed out that the Ministry has adopted all necessary measures to ensure learning opportunities through online education to help the students to compensate the educational loss, as the Ministry has launched educational platforms to facilitate learning during the coronavirus spread.

Hala Zain

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